StomaCab is a software designed for evidences of therapeutical activities in a stomatological cabinet which is operating with C.A.S. standards (in Romania).

      In order to test it, you can download this package: It is only a shareware (demo) version which is allowing you to add new pacients in the database and to notice all your therapeutical activities for each pacient. But you cannot change the databases for a new month or to export the databases in the C.A.S. requested format. The registered version offer you the before mentioned facilities, including some useful operations (some back-ups) in order to storage all informations concerning your activity and, also, to copy these files on floppy disk or any other removables (Zip Disk, tape etc).  More than, you can evaluate the costs of the terapeutical activity accomplished (both current one and from back-up). The database needed for the evaluation is available on site (only for registered version) and it's distribuated automaticaly at the registration process.

      For registration, please ask SC Dalila SoftWare SRL.